Truck Track


Sure there are plenty of food related apps in the market, but how many track the movements of your favorite mobile restaurant? Often times food trucks don’t run on regular schedules like normal fast food establishments. Locations sometimes change, business hours might vary; leaving consumers to depend on luck to find their favorite food truck open and where they expect them to be. Some businesses use social media apps to update their customers, but maybe not all their customers have access to those. For food truck businesses, finding their current locations, their menus, their reviews, is difficult without putting in detective work. Could an app that combines social media, review, and recent location tracking make connecting consumer to food trucks a lot easier?


Mobile restaurants are hard to keep up with, “Truck Track” makes it easier for food truck owners to keep their customers updated on their latest stops, menu, social media updates, events and business hours. Upon opening the app, users are presented with a map of their current location or opt out to manually put in an address. All nearby food trucks currently open will be shown on the map, allowing the user to filter out options based on name, food type, or distance. Clicking on a food truck can take the user to the businesses’ profile where they can view directions to location (that can open to phone’s GPS), and recent activity. Menu, photos, reviews, contact information, and options to track the food truck’s update would also be included. The user also has the option to make an account for a more personalized use similar to Yelp and Venmo, where their activity such as recent favorites, reviews, and friend’s activity, will be stored.


Product Designer


  • Lookup nearest food trucks
  • View menu
  • See what's in stock
  • Live updates from food trucks
  • Notifies when there's an event coming soon
  • Business hours
  • Links to business social media (Twitter, Instagram, FB)
  • Reviews
  • In-app orders
  • Recommend similar food trucks
  • Direction to food truck



    Danny, "The Foodie"


    Eats anything and everything, wants to try the newest thing


    Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram


    Get recommendations of new food trucks nearby, read and write reviews

    Must Do

    Have reviews, show live/frequent updates

    Must Never

    Show inactive trucks or wrong locations

    References and Influences

    Guy Fieri, Anthony Bourdain, The food channel

    Main Goals

    Try new and creative food from mobile restaurants to review, and post about on social media.

    Alex, "Your Average Guy"


    Average person who just can't decide what to eat. Frequently experiences FOMO from seeing food posts on Instagram.


    Most social media


    Just wants to find what’s close, in their budget, and exactly what they want

    Must Do

    Show nearby trucks, give accurate information, quick and easy

    Must Never

    Required registration or anything time consuming.

    References and Influences

    Follows whatever is currently trending in social media

    Main Goals

    Is out in a new town and wants something to eat that’s fast but not a regular restaurant. Wants something unique but budget friendly.

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