In a society where social justice, political correctness, and political alignments means everything, how do we know where our money stands? It's one thing to share online articles about problematic CEO's or business practices, but how do we find alternative options for products that support controversial figures? Can an app also double as a banking app to make better spending decisions for our wallets and our moral conscious as well?


"Woke" is an app that lets the socially conscious or even the traditionally conservative, make better spending habits while supporting companies who align with their beliefs. Linking the users bank with the app, allows users a deeper analysis on where their money goes. Company profiles include transparent insights on publically known causes that they support, lets the user decide whether it matches with their beliefs. The app itself has a neutral stand, only showing matches based on the user’s recent purchases and chosen values "tag" in their personalized profile. Woke app also allows users to use their phone cameras to scan product barcodes and pull up a company's profile for quick decisions making while shopping.


  • Product Designer


  • Sarah Hennessy
  • Leonardo Cilmi
  • Olivia Chow




  • Analyzes bank statement to retrospectively see what your money supports
  • Search companies to decide how you spend
  • Suggests positive alternatives
  • Financial transparency: shows how your money is being spent
  • Shows the causes companies support
  • Shows companies trade practices
  • Displays the values of companies
  • Analyzes bank statement to show how your money affects the world
  • Helps make decisions between products
  • Competitors

    Flow Chart



    Karen/ Soccer Mom


    “I want to speak to the manager”


    Active on Facebook, made an Instagram but doesn’t know how to use it. Has tried every DIY on Pinterest.


    Be in the know and keep her family safe.

    Must Do

    Easy to use.

    Must Never

    Be confusing.

    References and Influences

    Deepak Chopra, family, spouse, friends, faith.

    Main Goals

    Curious user who wants digestible information. Want’s a more “morally correct” lifestyle.

    Diane, Social savvy millennial


    “Check your privilege” “That’s problematic”


    Active on all social media platforms. Posts long stories on Instagram about current social events.


    Social validation, becoming more “woke”.

    Must Do

    Sharing, transparent with information.

    Must Never

    Be biased, include unreliable sources.

    References and Influences

    Beyoncé, Social rights activist on Twitter.

    Main Goals

    Consults app to make all purchases and to tailor.


  • Active users
  • Changes in spending habits based on user’s goals
  • Engagement with featured companies
  • Interactions with recommended products
  • KPI

  • Higher user engagement with recommended products and company's page.
  • Higher user engagement with featured companies
  • Styling



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